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Welcome to Mas Yoga Network. We are more (mas) than just yoga.  Mas Yoga Network offers a 12-week video series, Meditate to Manifest Course to help eliminate stressors from the mind and body to manifest in your life. This course comes with LIVE weekly sessions to help you unlock your greatest potential, to inspire you to live your best life and keep you on track. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality instruction and products that align with your wellness goals. Stay tuned to upcoming Events. You can achieve vibrant health!  Namaste.

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Mas Yoga, CEO

I am Tracia affectionately known as Tre.  Namaste. I am a Health Coach who loves to live in peace, cook nutritious low calorie delicious foods and keeps the mind and body fit. I achieved a B.A. in Speech Communications, am certified as an Anger Management Specialist, and a RYS-200 Yoga Instructor for Vinyasa and Restorative formats.

We are living in challenging times that can quickly lead to anxiety, headaches, hair loss, insomnia and weight gain.  I created a video series Meditate to Manifest Course to share my wellness tips to guide clients to breathe, stay calm, and reduce stress. In this course we also focus on what we want to attract.  Let me show you how you can gain peace within regardless of life’s obstacles and manifest in your life. 

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Devine Wellness

This portal will give you the tools to reduce sickness and live healthier.   Fill your life with wellness.

Meditate to Manifest Course begins with YOU. Get ready to connect within and release your mind and body blockages. Are you ready to create your best life?  If not now, when?  

This course is an online video series that can participate at your own pace. You will learn how to focus. Learn how to release inflammation and body pain.  You will raise your energy frequency and feel your power through intense breath-work, drawing and other mindfulness exercises prior to stillness.  

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This is a small group special event. We enjoy customized reggae dub music along with hip openers and leg strengthening yoga poses.  Designed for beginners, we move with the rhythm of the music.  See Service dates and times.

We come to your kitchen virtually, working with you to create delicious immune boosting foods. Add nutrients to your meals, cook like an islander and plate like a Healthy Chef.  Be more of a mindful eater, today.

Benefits of Yoga

The most valuable benefit of working with Mas Yoga Network is learning the act of being mindful. Become aware of what you eat, how you think, and feel the need to move more.  See the results of becoming anew.  It’s anti-aging!

Studies show that yoga reduces many medical conditions. Anxiety disorders affect over 40 million people. Controlling stress lowers blood pressure, decreasing adrenaline flow because the heart is not constantly being attacked by the cortisol hormone. Meditation and breath-work reduce depression as it fills you with inner strength thus feeling better about life in general.  Yoga poses increases strength and flexibility resulting in a reduction of muscle tension. We offer yoga to help the community reduce mind and body stress.

What Clients Say about Mas Yoga network

Tre is clear, knowledgeable and a patient instructor. I know how to deal with stress better and reduce my anxiety. The techniques work in my daily life. The gift of health and well being provided by Tre is like no other.
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Assistant Manager
Tre brings the perfect blend of spirituality and body consciousness to every single class. Her understanding of sequencing, body alignment and movement creates a flow that is perfectly paced and balanced leaving you feeling refreshed, centered and grateful no matter your level of practice. I’m honored to have met her along my personal yoga journey.
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Tre is an excellent Meditational Yoga Guide! I love how she carefully monitors her clients, meeting them at their agile capabilities then nurturing them through. She truly gives tailor-made sessions.
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