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Restore your BODY back to balance with yoga twist and turns

Free spirit

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Child's Pose

Stress Relief Yoga

Experience breath-work and gentle stretching to release anxiety and stress in the mind and body. Unwind neck and back tension. Also, gain flexibility.  We offer live online and private sessions.

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Reggae Yoga by Tre

These poses are designed for beginners to move with the rhythm of reggae dub music. See, our Instagram and Facebook groups.

Reggae Yoga By Tre
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What do people wear to class?

It is best to wear clothes for comfort rather than fashion. You want to increase your circulation and flexibility. Most attendees wear stretchy shorts or pants and a t-shirt. You want to be able to see your ankles and knees when in poses.

Can I pay cash rather than credit card?

If you rather pay cash you could use your debit card instead of a credit card.  After selecting your Event or Service the options for your purchase will be shown. 

I'm a senior. My doctor is advising me take yoga to reduce falls. I'm new. Will this hurt?

Yoga is ideal to help with balance and toning the body. Many seniors take our classes because of the gentle nature of the designed session. If you feel sharp pains in any pose we suggest you to stop.  We slowly warm the body up and ease into poses. You will feel lengthen of muscles.  This will also increase your joint fluid.  Our classes are dedicated to beginners of all ages and body types. Also, check out our mindful Meditate to Manifest Course class to reduce stress.