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Nutrients, vitamins and healthy fats can be tasty. So, cut the salt and let’s spice it up! 

Free spirit

Tantalizing Food

Let your taste buds party while you restore your body with healthy food options.  In addition to American cuisines, you will enjoy recipes from around the world like Asian, Italian, Spanish, and my favorite West Indian. You will learn about eating “clean” and incorporate immune-boosting elements into your recipes. We offer workshops for vegetarians, pescatarians and plant-based diets.

Free spirit

Live stream Healthy Cooking Classes

You can also book a private session on the Services page. Stay tuned for group Events. Prices vary.


Must I be a vegan to have a healthy diet? I eat my veggies, is that enough?

You do not need to be a vegan to have to be a healthy eater.  A healthy diet has nutrients, a mixture of basic food groups, and preferably a focus of healthy fats, natural sugars, and low sodium.  Dietary Guidelines for Americans also has great information on this topic.

My kids are picky eaters. How can I get them to eat more fruits and vegetables?

If possible, get the child involved with the purchasing and/or cooking.  Show how food is incorporated into a delicious meal.  You can infuse greens into yummy smoothies. Also, consider adding more vegetable by switching processed wheat products with a vegetable carbohydrate like spaghetti squash rather than spaghetti. We offer tasty recipes for the entire family. WebMD has many an informative article on this subject, too.


I don't like the taste of water and I have high cholesterol. My doctor wants me to cut on sugar and salt. What do I eat/drink now?

I am a nutritionist and not a license dietician.  My advice is to look at food labels and know what you are ingesting. Cut back on solid fats, added sugars, and salt. Drink more water.  Add fruit and/or herbs such as cucumber, lemon, mint to infuse in the water and food rather than eating/drinking high sodium products like soda and processed foods.

Is it necessary to wash pre-washed produce?

I highly recommend rinsing produce even if it indicates pre-wash. Keep in mind that pre-wash does not mean sterile.  We highly recommend after grocery shopping, remove packaging, rise and properly store items in a new container.  It is worth reading more about this matter.  CBS News mentions that contaminates can grow due to the packaging and human handling of the produce.