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Meditation helps with coping with stress, insomnia, anxiety, and leads to releasing tension. Our aim is to gain harmony within. We practice being mindful, becoming aware of thoughts, and set the mind to attract newness. 

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Online and in-person
group & private sessions are available

30 MIN
Online Group

$15 class

60 MIN
Online Group

$25 class

60 min
private Online


60 Min



Can meditation help with insomnia?

Yes.  Staying in the present, being mindful will reduce the stress of worrying. Stillness brings forth self-awareness and promotes mindfulness.  We call this Mindful Meditation. By the end of our workshop, you will have a purpose for your stillness. This stillness helps with self-confidence and shifts the recycled thoughts. In addition to meditation, physical movement, and a healthy diet with a reduction in sugar, caffeine, and nicotine will certainly help reduce insomnia and promote sleep. 

Can I pay cash rather than credit card?

You can pay cash through your debit card.  Once you select the Events or Services pages at check out you will see the options available for your purchase. 

What do people wear to a meditation class?

It is best to wear clothes for comfort rather than fashion. Your waistband must have flexibility as we will be moving the belly in our breath-work sessions.  Most attendees wear stretchy shorts or pants with elasticity.  Tops tend to be a t-shirt or tank top.

Can meditation help with ADD & ADHD (Attention-Deficit/‌Hyperactivity Disorder)?

Yes, meditation can help reduce ADD & ADHD symptoms. It helps those sufferers become calmer and focused.  You will enjoy the different focus techniques. In private sessions, I play a rain stick to isolate the noise as a form of meditation.  We offer these workshops to bring more peace to your mind.  Schedule a private session. Gain more peace, today.